The Company

Nature’s transformative ability was mimicked by Diaplant’s founders, at its origin.

Today, over a decade later, the company is proud to be acknowledged by its peers as a reference in the activities of outdoor ornamental plant nursery and landscaping.

Over the course of these years, we’ve ‘built nature’, nurtured plants, and walked towards a sustainable future.

Hand in hand with our customers, in multiple European countries, we design, build and equip outdoor areas with top quality plants and other materials.

We can hardly wait to work with you. Challenge us!


Mission: to place nature in the core of Human projects.


Values: sustentabilidade, equilíbrio, serviço ao cliente, qualidade, integridade.

Products and Services

Plant nursery

At the core of our company is the willingness to bring together Human’s imaginative capacity and Nature’s creativity. From day one our customers come from Europe’s most demanding markets. Therefore, it’s not surprising that quality is at the centre of our concerns, every day, in everything we do. Whether your interest is in trees, shrubs, coniferous or exotic plants, or even fruit plants or lawns, in our nursery you’ll certainly find top quality products at a fair price. Come over for a visit and get surprised with the variety of plants we have to offer you.

Landscape Architecture

Composed of multiple professionals, with different backgrounds and experiences, our landscape architecture studio is properly equipped and prepared to design any type of green area you may need. The goals of our customers are the foundations of everything we create. The purpose of the area to design, as well as the nature of its future users, are the guiding threads which determine the typology of the spaces we create and the plants we select to inhabit them. Dare to dream an outdoor area and count on us to make it a reality.


Whether designed by our landscape architecture studio or any other professional of your choice, your outdoor area can be built by our garden centre. Our staff is a group of dedicated and competent professionals who are ready to execute, in a rigorous manner, any type of outdoor project they’re challenged with. Plants are, without a doubt, the most noble of all materials used in outdoor areas. However, they can be integrated with other architectural elements, such us lakes, ponds, swimming pools, gazebos, pavements and other inorganic features, which we can also build for you.


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